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Vision Tech Engines are the brain child of Nitro Water Sports owner Brian Nelsen. After a one and a half year design and prototyping phase for this new engine. The first running prototype engine was finished and run in November of 2001. This engine is a .45 cubic inch outboard power head designed to fit on the popular K&B and Lawless lower units. It was designed with the latest in 2 cycle technology using proven mathematical formulas. The swirl induction crank shaft. Allows for great flow into the engine and through the porting system. All Vision Tech Engines are produced on state of the art CNC turning and milling machines. All of our design and programming work is done using Master Cam multi axis CAD/CAM software. We are developing state of the art quality assurance procedures to make sure Vision Tech Engines are of the best quality. Our commitment to quality will insure our place in the world wide market of model boat racing engines and accessories. 

The first test runs with the engine mounted on a boat happened November 2nd 2001. The engine was a bit finicky but we where able to make a dozen passes in excess of 55 miles per hour. After determining the changes that needed to be made we headed back to the shop. On November 21st1 2001 we head back out to the test pond (The TCMBC racing facility) to get a few more tests done before the ice sets in. At the pond we discover instantly that the changes we made a big difference in the reliability of the engine. It was so reliable in fact the we ended up running out of fuel on the water several times. With radar gun in hand Chad W. started calling out the speed of each pass. This time we made several dozen passes above 55 mph.  with a little fine tuning we can easily push the engine and boat past the 60 mph mark. The performance was pretty respectable for the second time out on a new design and the boat was in heat race trim. We hope to get some straight away testing done before the ice hits. We will spend the winter testing the engine on our inertia dyno and making any design changes warranted by the testing. 

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